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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the Corporate Partners Program?

All companies, non-profit public institutions and organizations may apply to the Corporate Partners Program. (Travel agents and airline operators are excluded.)

How can I apply for the Corporate Partners Program?

You can apply for your participation by filling out the form on this page or by sending an e-mail to

What are the benefits of the Corporate Partners Program?

With the Corporate Partners Program, you can benefit from advantages such as discounted ticket rates, company mileage pool, extra baggage allowance, no penalty fees for changes and cancellations, lounge use and fast track service at Istanbul Airport.

How are the designated benefits for the Company determined?

Atlasglobal Airlines evaluates your flight frequency for the last 12 months and categorizes your company to determine which advantages you will benefit from. The acceptance of your firm's application is at the disposal of Atlasglobal.

How much is the ticket discount rate and extra baggage allowance?

It varies according to your company's specified scale.

Is there any fee for participation in the program?

Participation and membership for the program are completely free.

Who can benefit from the program other than the company employees?

All of your employees and business partners, whose travel expenses are covered by your company can benefit from your discount rate.

How is the booking / reservation, cancellation, rebooking and rerouting of the tickets can be made?

You can make all your booking and ticketing transactions through your agents. Atlasglobal automatically uploads your discount codes to the reservation systems of your authorized agents. The tickets bought from Atlasglobal internet page / call center cannot be discounted.

Can I change the agency after I become a member of the program?

Agency change is always possible. You need to specify the new agency you will authorize and declare it to us.

How can the employees of the company benefit from the Fast Track Service, Lounge Entrance and Business Check-in services that are offered within Corporate Partners Program?

During the membership, the employees can benefit from the specified services by presenting the Corporate Partners Card, on which the employee and company names are stated, physically at the service point.

How can I benefit from advantages such as discounted tickets, extra baggage, rebooking/cancellation without penalty, double mileage and discounted cargo rates offered by the Corporate Partners Program?

The above mentioned advantages will be already defined to the company at the service point.

What should the company and its employee do to earn miles?

The Company submits the completed mileage application form to Atlasglobal, then a mileage account is opened by Atlasglobal. A physical card is not transmitted to the company for mileage earning. The company will notify the mileage account number to their travel agency. The travel agency enters the mile account number during the Company’s reservation. The employees who wish to earn mileage individually may apply for Atlasmiles membership and shall also notify the travel agency to add this mileage number to the booking.

Can a company employee earn miles within the Corporate Partners Program?

The company earn miles from all employees' business travels, and may collect miles in a common mileage pool. If the flying employee is a member of Atlasmiles at the same time, the employee can also earn miles on an individual basis.

Can I benefit from the same advantages when the contract expires?

When the contract expires the annual ticket purchase amount of your company will be assessed and a new proposal will be submitted. Atlasglobal reserves the right to refuse future participation of the Company to the program.

Where can I get detailed information about the Miles?

You can access the terms and conditions for mileage earning and spending from the Atlasmiles website:

Can I use Corporate Partners card after my membership is ended?

The Corporate Partners cards of the companies which membership is ended, are canceled and need to be returned to Atlasglobal.

What should be done when the employees quit their job and leave the company?

You can request a new card by returning the Corporate Partners card of your past employee to Atlasglobal Corporate Partners Department.

Do I have any sanctions when I want to end the program membership?

You can quit Corporate Partners Program without any sanction by providing information to us via

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